Business Process Management (BPM) for Software & IT Companies

I help managers, leaders, founders, and business owners get in the driver’s seat of their internal operational and organizational complexity.

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the symptoms

Your business struggles with...

  • Fire fighting, delays, scope creep
  • Poor prioritization and long-term planning
  • Poor end-to-end traceability
  • Low product and/or service quality
  • Low customer and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Low efficiency and organizational performance
  • Low agility, flexibility, speed
  • Lack of visibility and control
  • High number of operational risks and issues
  • No process vision and continuous improvement
  • No innovation
  • No accountability
  • Poor communication and collaboration
  • Poor team alignment and standardization
  • Low employee morale; high employee turnover

Your organization is not streamlined:

You want your organization to be optimized, automated, agile, and lean so you can stop spending valuable resources and, instead, get focused and get fast.
You want to be able to analyze your current situation and identify what to do next, where to invest, and where to improve.
You want to grow, but scaling up chaos brings even more chaos. You need some processes and systems in place first.
You want to expand, but advancing too much too quickly can kill your business. You need to become sustainable first.
You need to satisfy all of your stakeholders (customers, partners, investors, regulators, employees, local communities, etc.) at the same time.
the solution

I will help you upgrade to the new version of your organization that is...

Lean, agile, fast, innovative
Transparent and continuously improving
Streamlined and focused
Sustainable and scalable
Having teams working as one
Efficient and effective
Digitalized and automated
Compliant with external regulations and standards

Which results in your business having...

  • High product and service quality
  • Successful client relationships; more new clients getting attracted
  • Low operational costs
  • Ability to respond fast to market, regulatory, and other changes
  • Low financial, security, and legal risk
  • High visibility, planning accuracy, and managerial control
  • High employee engagement; low employee turnover
  • High overall stakeholder satisfaction
MY deliverables

You will get a clear definition and full implementation of the following:

  • Organizational purpose (supporting the business purpose)
  • Management system:
    —  Operations (aka ways of working), aligned with the organizational purpose
    —  Organizational structure (incl. individual roles), aligned with the operations
  • Digitalization and automation of the ways of working
  • Transparency, measurement, and control mechanisms for steering the organization
  • Communication flows, prioritization of strategic goals, end-to-end traceability
  • Mechanisms for maintenance and continuous improvement of the management system
  • Compliance with external methodologies, frameworks, standards, requirements (Agile, ISO 9001, A-SPICE, CMMI, ITIL, etc.), including support with certification
MY advantage

What makes me different:

I do not sell a one-size-fits-all model.
I use my knowledge and experience to create custom solutions that address your specific needs.
I do not stay on the abstraction level.
I have a pragmatic approach that converts theory into practice via tangible, actionable steps.
I am not driven purely by profit.
I have seen the transformational power of processes, which is why my main purpose is to add value.
MY portfolio

Companies I have worked with:


What people say:

“Irina is an outstanding IT Process Manager. I first met her when we started implementing ISO9001, and then A-SPICE, in my organization in 2013. Later, she became part of my team, and I had the pleasure of working closely with her for more than 6 years.

I have been constantly impressed by Irina's exceptional ability to roll out complex process frameworks, scale them for large organizations, and lead multiple diverse IT teams towards achieving the same goal. I have never seen anyone exceed at process implementation under tight deadlines as effortlessly as Irina. Moreover, Irina is extremely passionate about the subject, and she sets a very high-quality standard. She also never stops learning and coming up with new creative process solutions for optimizing the working environment, while still accomplishing the overall business objectives.

I would highly recommend Irina for any leading position in large-scale IT transformation initiatives and would be very happy to work with her again.”
Arnulf Huck — Vice President Engineering at HERE Technologies
“I had the pleasure of working with Irina for a number of years when we collaborated on quality and process improvement initiatives in our shared organization. Irina is a strong and empathetic leader, a strategist who challenges the status quo, an effective multilingual communicator, and an all around good person. She collaborates when needed but is equally effective working independently. I would be honored to work with her again.

Irina has a demonstrated track record of having the vision for the long-game while being skilled at determining the tactics to bring that vision to life. She works well across all levels of an organization, managing up/across/down, as needed. She successfully drove several programs that spanned three continents and multiple time-zones.

In a nutshell, Irina delivers to a very high standard, using stellar collaboration skills and with a sense of urgency. In a word, she's amazing.”
Christina Schuler — Senior Manager Product Development at HERE Technologies
“It has been a pleasure working together with Irina. Her perfectly structured way of thinking, being detail-focused and highly ambitious have always led to excellent results. She is very demanding of herself, and always strives for a 100% finished, qualitative outcomes. There is no such thing as "half-done" for Irina's analytical, responsible mind.

Innovative ideas, well-organized discussions, tons of positive energy, great communication skills and always professional attitude - all those make Irina both a great leader and an extraordinary team player. Her friendly personality and eagerness to help make her a person other people want to have on their team.

If you are looking for someone who can create order from chaos with a smile - you have just found her!”
Marcin Rokosz — Senior Product Owner at HERE Technologies
“Working in a highly distributed team Irina has been a positive influence through her contribution to collaborative projects operating in a global working environment. She applies her friendly personality and persuasiveness in communications with stakeholders and has proven her ability in responding to and adapting to changes within the business. In driving key initiatives, Irina demonstrates a devotion to successful implementation and improvement of IT service products and processes.

It has been a pleasure working with Irina and I am happy to recommend her as a competent and resourceful quality manager.”
Steve Riley — Director Service Delivery Transformation at Nokia
“Irina is a well rounded professional with several years of experience in the IT industry who has been driving the difficult task of improving quality in Nokia's location based services.

She has a good understanding of technology, stakeholder needs, and more importantly customer requirements. Detail oriented and diligent she considers all aspects of an issue while striving for the best outcome for all concerned.

A great job done by a single individual, making one wish there were more like her in any organization.”
Mike Collins — Global Senior Service Level Manager at Nokia
“I have had the pleasure of working with Irina at Nokia while implementing new service quality delivery processes across business segments. Her outstanding leadership, technical acumen, and professional demeanor have directly contributed to the success of the entire group, spreading much needed credibility with our business partners in Berlin.

Irina is an absolute joy to work with; detail oriented and driven by customer success. She is someone who can be counted upon to proactively identify improvement opportunities, as well as deliver upon expectations.”
Robert Ciccarelli — Senior Quality Manager for North America at Nokia
“I’ve worked with Irina for almost 3 years. She was always responsive to the problems of our department and got right to the point of the small technical details and analyses. Committed to resolving issues, she never left any unattended, thus minimizing production risks. I admire her for her professionalism, patience and energy. I’d be happy to work with Irina again.”
Mariyana Gospodinova — Senior Manager IT Operations at BTC
“I have been consistently impressed by both Irina's attitude towards her work and her performance on the job. Irina possesses a very logical and structured way of thinking, which has enabled her to diagnose problems and devise viable solutions. Her ability to remain unflustered during stressful times (like tight project deadlines approaching) proves her ability to work well under pressure. She is also paying great attention to detail and this enables her to always produce high-quality work. Irina is highly respected by the people who work with her, she is a very open-minded, easy-going, flexible and cheerful person.”
Vladimir Georgiev — Senior Manager IT Support at BTC
“Irina was one of my brilliant students in the class of Management Information Systems (MIS) within the Master's program "Management Information Systems" at Sofia University.

She actively took part in the topics discussed during the course. The final assignment of Irina was on Knowledge Management Systems and she performed it very professionally, completing it with additional research and analyses. Her grade in my course is Excellent (A).”
Albena Antonova — Ph.D. & Senior Assistant Lecturer at FEBA, Sofia University
“Irina is a very talented colleague. I met her during my tasks for the Cariad SE in the Quality department GQ-4 and she shows a very good A-SPICE understanding, the right attitude to help our customers to improve their own business, and besides that she is focused on the communication and the result we had to produce.

Her other good attribute is her grateful friendly atmosphere she demonstrates everyday.

I wish her a very good time and hope we work again together.”
Fred Kaminski — Interim Manager & A-SPICE Principal Assessor

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